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    Hi there,

    I’m building a new blog, and I’d like to change the text in the top navigation bar. For new pages, the title is automatically inserted for the navigation text. But I want to change the text “Home” to something different for the front page.

    I’ve been cruising the forums and blogs for quite a while trying to find the answer to this.

    I’m using the theme Day Dream. See what I mean at

    Thank you!



    That’s built into the theme: you cannot modify it. If you dislike it that much, you can select a theme with no home tab.



    Is there a way I can ‘Home’ to the Navigation bar?





    @areseneal – yes, you can add Home to the navigation bar by writing a page with the title being the link.

    <a href="">Home </a>

    Be sure to include the space after home.


    I’d like to know how to do this, too, because I want to add a Feed link to the top navigation.
    My theme is Connections by Vanillamist, and on this page (, the theme creator tells you how to do this, but the instructions must use the old WordPress admin:

    “How do I edit the the top links?

    Find the header template in your theme editor area inside WordPress admin (Presentation>>Theme Editor) . Replace the “#” signs with the corresponding urls.”

    Why can’t we do this any longer?

    Lynn :



    bloomlikeflowers – we’ve never had that option here at wordpress.COM. Those instructions are for the downloaded version of the theme.


    aha. thank you.

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