How to … change text style throughout your sidebar (cutline) without css

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    Found this one by accident. But it’s very easy to do.

    Step 1. Add a text widget at the top of the sidebar.
    Step 2. Under options —> writing, uncheck the box ‘WordPress should correct invalidly nested XHTML automatically’
    Step 3. Leave a format command open – e.g. add <em> but forget to close with </em>
    Step 4. er, that’s it.

    Some examples:
    here’s with:
    and without:

    I quite like the lighter style that italics gives to cutline, although it took me some time to work out how I did it.

    This method also works with bold text <b> and as far as I can see it changes everything in your sidebar – even the tag cloud if you have one – except for the ‘Recent Comments’ field.

    If that’s true, then it probably works with other format styles as well – hey, you could go wild and do extra large chartreuse green ComicSans. Or even Webdings. Or maybe not.

    Have fun!



    DON’T GIVE THEM IDEAS. I don’t look forward to a lot of chartreuse comic sans in my life.



    Hey, Rain. But it was you I got the idea from. Wasn’t it?
    And I’ll stick to webdings in future.



    No, I’m pretty sure it was that guy who accidentally turned his whole sidebar dark blue, or possibly the guy who made his widget titles HUGE. I wouldn’t give them ideas. I like a peaceful, comic sans-free life.

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