How to change the background color on Fadtastic theme?

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    I tried the regular coding that i used in Silver is the new black theme which was: body,#content,#menu,#rap {
    background-color:#color # goes here;
    but it only fills up the section of where the posts are.Can someone please tell me the right code?


    The white color is under #wrapper and the medium blue is actually a border defined in #wrapper. The far outside light blue is under body.



    ok but,how do you get those outer blue lines running down the sides to go away?



    Instead of going through the color coding, you can just type in “BLACK” or “BLUE” and it will show up as that color.


    As I said, it is under the #wrapper as a border. Look at #wrapper in the original CSS.

    When you enter your modifications for #wrapper, you simply insert

    border-left: none;
    border-right: none;

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