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    I signed up for WordPress awhile back and recently changed my username from “underfurtherreview” to “shutthepuckup” and chose to keep both names and just transfer the content from the original to the new one.
    My question, however, is that when I hover over my name in the top-right corner (to access each blog’s dashboard, write a new post, etc.) both blogs are listed with the name Under Further Review instead of one being Shut The Puck Up and I don’t know how to change what they show up as.
    Anyone who can help would be great!

    The blog I need help with is



    If you wish to hide one of the blogs then see here > My Blogs > My Blogs Dashboard Visibility



    *I just saw something when I clicked on “Change Blog Address” (on the My Blogs page, where you can choose which blogs are visible and which aren’t) that says
    If you want to change the title of this blog (currently “Under Further Review”) you can do so under Settings.

    When I clicked on “Settings” it took me to the general settings page where the title of the blog was not shown as Under Further Review but instead as Shut The Puck Up. Why doesn’t it show up as that when I hover over my account name in the top right corner of the page? That’s all I want to do and for whatever reason I just can’t. Maybe it’s me and I’m missing something blatantly obvious but I just can’t figure it out.



    @timethief yeah I did that but I want the name it shows up as, to be different. They’re both the same right now so it confuses me.



    Do you have any luck if you clear your browser’s cache?



    @macmanx I didn’t do that but somehow between the time I posted this and right now, the issue is gone. Thanks though!

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