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How to change the Built-in RSS URL

  1. I am using Feedburner for my RSS feed. However, when you look at the source of my blog, WordPress is automatically pumping out:

    <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Ship Software OnTime! RSS Feed" href="" />

    Which points to the main feed, not the FeedBurner feed. How can I change this to the FeedBurner feed? I can't find any way to change the feed to point to the correct RSS link.

  2. If you have a blog and it is what you are referring to then please post the url.

  3. @timethief
    It looks like he has domain mapping to: .

    Probably what you are going to have to do is put an image and an image link in a text widget with the link to your feedburner feed.

    You can find RSS images here: . Alternately, perhaps feedburner has an image you can use instead.

    And then you would just put the following in a text widget, substituting the image URL and the URL to your feedburner feed

    <a href="feed URL here"><img src="http://RSS image link here" alt="" title="" /> </a>

  4. @tsp
    He has 2 feedburner feeds and both are working.

  5. Yes, I see that now, and I'm now puzzled as to what the real issue is.

  6. @tsp
    Beats me too - supper is almost ready. ;)

  7. I'm thinking about that too.

  8. Guys, the 2 RSS links in my Text Widget work fine (, however, if you use any browser with RSS capability (such as FF or IE), they look at the HTML "Alternate" link to see where the RSS URL is and unfortunately, WordPress is still publishing the original RSS feed "" rather than the FeedBurner RSS feed "".

    You can easily try this. Use either IE or FF, go to and use the browser's own RSS button (top right on the toolbar in IE and on the address bar in FF). They will pull up Unfortunately, this is the wrong URL for the RSS and there doesn't appear to be a way to change it.


  9. I guess I'm not understanding. If wordpress does not create (publish) an RSS feed for my blog (, then there isn't one that feedburner, or anyone else can pick up. Your feed does not exist unless wordpress publishes it.

    Changing things so that if they click on the RSS button in their browser, they are redirected to the feedburner feed onlywould I suspect require massive hacking of the wordpress backend, something that is not going to happen.

  10. Not at all. Most blog engines have a way for you to enter an alternate RSS feed as the one they spew out as part of the Alternate HTML tag. That doesn't mean they deactivate your main feed. It's just that the main feed gets hit by only 1 machine (in this case, the Feedburner machine) and everybody else would hit the Feedburner link.

    I would be happy if there was just a way from getting WordPress to stop publishing this part:

    <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Ship Software OnTime! RSS Feed" href="" />

    ANYBODY who uses FeedBurner with WordPress has this issue. You don't know your true subscriber count as some people will be subscribed to your FeedBurner feed (those using the links from a text widget you add to the page) and some people will use the browser's button to subscribe to the RSS causing the original WordPress feed URL to be used.

  11. I'm quite sure that volunteers cannot help you with this. You need to contact staff during support hours Monday-Friday 8AM - 4 PM, Pacific time. The "support" button is on the top right hand corner of any admin side blog page. Be sure to provide all details as they will not bounce back and forth to forum threads to extract the details.

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  13. Discussed here. The poster is trying to replace their feed with their feedburner feed. The plugin redirects folks who try to access the wordpress feed url to their feedburner feed url. The wordpress feed is still produced. It's just not accessable by anyone and folks are "forced"/redirected to the feedburner one.

    Replacing the feed urls shown within the header is not possible here at but it is with the regular wordpress software found at and locating your blog with another host.

  14. @hshojaee
    Please note the very clear explanation given in the post above this one. Also note that the option to mark this thread "resolved" is found in your original post.

  15. theapparatus,

    Do you know if will include this feature in the future? It seems like such a simple and must-have feature that I'm actually considering switching as a result of not being able to have 1 feed for my subscribers.

  16. I personally would not want someone forcing me to get my feed from one particular place.

  17. Do you know if will include this feature in the future?

    We volunteers have no say in these matters. Only staff know the answer to this question. However, as we have heard nothing to this effect whatsoever I do not think it's being considered. You will have to contact staff to get a definitive answer.

  18. Hi hshojaee --

    I understand you question and your concern and your confusion -- theapparatus explained the current condition -- but I understand your want to burn your feed and have only one RSS feed for your blog and not two.

    On TypePad and Blogger you can choose to use FeedBurner as your sole RSS feed service.

    On you cannot make that choice and with this announcement a couple of days ago:

    My sense is you will never be able to use the backend to burn your RSS feed through FeedBurner because you can set up advertising on your FeedBurner RSS feed to deliver money into your hands and isn’t about that as a free blog service.

    I presently have the same issue on my blog. I offer a giant RSS feed icon for reader to use that I manage with FeedBurner -- I like the FeedBurner interface for management and deep analysis of subscribed readership -- but if my readers click on the natural location of my RSS feed, or use a browser’s “auto-discovery” feature, they'll get the version of my feed.

    There isn't anything we can do about that now -- and since the new RSS enhancements are similar to those provided by FeedBurner on a basic "social networking" level -- we may not have a choice any time soon to provide a single RSS feed through FeedBurner.

  19. Best bet would be to forward your suggestion to staff via feedback.

    You could always grab the wordpress software from and find yourself a host. That way you could use one of one of the feedburner plugins.

    Do also note that there are other wordpress hosts out there simular to Some of them may offer feedburner support.

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