How to change the color of the first comment box in WP 2.7

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    ** Experienced developers only please **

    I have customized a theme that uses the New threaded comments feature of WP 2.7 and I noticed the comments.php template uses the wp_list_comments(); function to build the output for the comments of a post. I had a great idea for the theme and I would like to make the very first comment of a post to be a different html structure than the rest of the comments in the loop. I could not find a way to accomplish this with css alone, so I was wondering if this possible using a custom comments function? If so, can someone provide me with example code and ideas?



    Oops, The title should have been:

    “How to use different html structure for the first comment box in WP 2.7”.

    But I could not find a way to change the title in this wp forum. :(


    I suspect you are self-hosted since we do not even have threaded comment yet at wordpress.COM yet. In addition we do not have access to comments.php or any other underlying theme or wordpress files here at wordpress.COM.

    Since you are self-hosted you need to inquire over at http://wordpress.ORG/support/ since that is where the self-hosted wordpress blogs are supported. This forum is for those hosted at the wordpress.COM free hosting service and stuff here works differently. We do not They are coming, but not for a while.



    Yes, it is self-hosted. Thanks. I will inquire to the other website.


    You’re very welcome.

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