How to change the colour of the sidebar?

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    How do I change the colour of my sidebar(s)? The theme is currently Andreas09, and I want to make the sidebars white so the pictures in widgets don’t show a white square around them. If this is not possible, is there a way to do ‘Set transparent colour’ on a widget?

    The blog I need help with is



    Also, the white square I referred to, it is meaning like my avatar. If the background was grey it would show a white square around the picture.


    If you had some CSS editng experience, and the paid CSS upgrade, then yes it can be changed. The “text widget CSS hack” won’t really work with this since the blue header and the gradient grayish background is a single 1px wide repeating image.

    To change the background color for the gray area, you would add this to the CSS:

    #wrap {
    background: white;

    The above ends up overriding the gray gradient section of the image.


    The background color for the post area isn’t exactly white, it is #FAFCFF where white is #FFFFFF, so there would be a little difference in color, but the image backgrounds in the sidebar are white, so using white in the CSS would make them blend whereas using #FAFCFF as the color would still leave a slight difference in color that would probably be visible.



    Am I right in saying that you have to pay for CSS? All I would like to know is if I am able to change the colour of the sidebars and make it so that the viewers can see that as well.

    P.S. (If I can do the above) Is there a way to do it for free?



    Oh, just half worked out a bit of CSS coding…

    Can I have a few credits? As a gift? Ha ha..


    Yes, the CSS upgrade is $14.97 US per year.

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