how to change the date?

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    I already adjust the time into my local time which is (+7) but still it won’t work. The time is still messed up. The time i posted something into my blog is 2:30 but it appears 7:14 or something like that.

    And about the date problem, When i post something into my blog in August 14th, the date on my blog said that it’s August 13th. The date is always one day before.

    And I want to put the day on my blog (Monday, Sunday, etc) but it still not working the way i want it to be. I put the “l, F j, Y” command and the output said that it’ll appear as “Monday, August 14, 2006” but sadly in my blog it appears “August 13th, 2006”

    Please help cos i’m really really confused and frustrated. Thanks before and sorry for my bad english



    Date and Time 2006-08-14 11:57:30 am
    UTC time is: 2006-08-14 11:57:30 am
    Times in the weblog should differ by: 8 hours
    Default date format: F j, Y
    Output: August 14, 2006
    Default time format: g:i a
    Output: 7:57 pm

    this is what appears in my options to set the time. default date is “F j, Y” and not the added “l” you have inserted in yours. maybe that’s the problem? is the number in the column “times in the weblog should differ by” correct?


    unfortunately, most themes use hard-coded date formatting, so changing the information in the dashboard doesn’t show up. Sandbox allows you to customize your date, i’m not sure which other ones do.

    i’m not sure why changing the “times in the weblog should differ by” isn’t working. if you know what time it should say, you can just change the value until it displays right, even if that winds up being -12 or something bizarre that’s incorrect.

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