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How to change the displayed name for a page without putting it in Main Menu?

  1. How do I change the label (displayed name) for a page, so it is different from the original page name? I know how to do this with Custom Menus, but I don't want this page to appear in the main menu; it's a page that will only be linked to by other pages. Thanks!
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  2. Your question doesn't make sense: If you "know how to do this with Custom Menus", then what are you asking? And if you "don't want this page to appear in the main menu", then how come you want to change the displayed name?

  3. Thanks, timethief -- that's exactly what I was looking for! I really appreciate it.

    justpi -- If you don't understand a question, say that; don't blame the asker. Especially when the question has already been answered correctly.

  4. Sorry, when I don't understand a question I say so, and when a question doesn't make sense I also say so. I explained why your question didn't make sense, and your response proves it (since you found what you wanted in a reply about page titles and page URLs instead of the nonsense you wrote).

  5. Since timethief quickly and accurately answered my question, I see you have a different concept of "makes sense" than the rest of us.

    In any case, I'm sure I'm neither the first nor the last person who finds your attempts to be "helpful" insulting and upsetting. Do with that feedback what you will.

  6. @thistlekiss
    You're welcome.

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