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How to change the Favicon in the browser?

  1. I heard that this cannot be done. Are their any ways to get this to work through css?

    I know it is an issue with the template but if anyone knows a way around this that would help.

  2. It's certainly not a CSS issue and as far as I know there is no other way round this at

  3. Sadly, we cannot have favicons here. It is the ONLY advantage that Tumblr has over in my opinion. It's a great ego boost to see your own little logo up in the browser bar. Suggest it to staff via your support button; maybe if they get enough they'll enable this.

  4. Yeah for real they need too. Thanks

  5. it can only be done if u're upgrade your account into pay one i think..

  6. ONLY the VIP upgrade will do this, and it costs so much I generally leave it out of the discussion. If you've got two or three hundred dollars a month to spend on it, sure.

  7. does it make any difference that my blog,, is forwarded to my website I mean, does that make it possible to put the favicon on

  8. No way.

  9. People always seem to assume getting their own domain name changes everything. It changes nothing except your domain name; you are subject to all the technical and ToS issues of regular

  10. This would be a great feature to have. I will follow raincoaster's advice and suggest this to wp staff.

  11. Or just switch over to

    Thats what I did and everything is better

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