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How to change the font color on the menu bar?

  1. I'm not trying to get custom fonts. All I'm trying to do is change the font color on the menu bars to match that of the text of the Header and the body on the site. I'd prefer for just one click to change all of the font on the entire website to the same color.
    Blog url:

  2. To do this, you would need a Custom Design upgrade, which will allow you to modify the CSS for just the menu bar.

  3. Now that I've purchased the upgrade, can you tell me how to change the font colors on the menu bars and headers to my blog posts. Custom Design isn't really giving me much options in the standard mode.

  4. Try this in your CSS tab:

    #access a{color:#[enter hex value here];}

  5. I go to the Custom Design page, then go to the CSS tab and then put the code in. Nothing happens. I know you guys are extremely busy answering questions, but if you could speak to me like I'm in kindengarden and I'm holding a 2 ton bomb and need to know how to diffuse it to save the world, I would be forever grateful.

  6. You added "Gold" instead of a hex value. If you want it to be just like the link color on your blog, try:

    #access a{color:#bc8e0b;}

  7. That worked for the menu bar but not the headers to the post.

  8. If you want it to be same color as the rest, try this:


  9. I posted this in the CSS stylesheet. It didn't work. Am I doing it wrong?

  10. Hm, try this instead:

    .entry-title a{color:#bc8e0b;}

  11. Case Closed. Thanks a bunch!

  12. Wait I jumped the gun. It only worked for the home page. The separate pages still have plain colored headers.

  13. Try putting this back in, that should take care of it:


  14. Nothing happened. Thanks for the effort though. It is very much appreciated.

  15. Could you try the following instead?

    .singular .entry-title { color:#bc8e0b; }

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