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How to change the language of the "What's hot section?"

  1. Hello

    The top blogs of the day in my Dashboard are all in French but Id like to have them in English because these are the news Imm interested in. I set my blog language to French (because I write in French), so I assume this is the reason why the list in my dashboard is in French.
    I therefore have two questions:
    -is there a way to change the language of the top posts and blogs without changing my blog language?
    -if my only option is to change my blog language to English, does it mean that my blog will not be listed along with the French ones in spite of the fact that it is writtent in French?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  2. Nobody has any idea?
    a link will do if my question is too basic...
    An explanation by a staff member would help if it too complicated.
    (precision: I do have a blog, I just dont want it linked to my username and it is relevant to my question as my problem is with my personal ADMIN dashboard)

  3. anyone?

  4. Have you tried posing this question to support, using the link in your dashboard? Since this is the English forum, I'd be surprised if anyone here has had this issue. (Or maybe you should be asking in the French forums?)

  5. Didnt think about any of that but Ill try that! Thanks!

  6. hey.. i had been struggling to change my language. Since I do not want to write in English but i do not find an option where I can change my language.

  7. Go to wordpress.COM and change the language there

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