How to change the links of the META

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    The meta of my blog is like this:
    Site Admin
    Entries RSS
    Comments RSS
    How to change this link?



    You can’t. However, you do not have to use the widget if you do not want to.


    It is pity.Thank you all the same.



    What specifically were you trying to achieve?



    You could just copy across any of the links you DO want into a text widget. Works fine.



    That’s what we’ve suggested in the past. Telling us what specifically you’re trying to do would help.



    Hi, Sorry to jump in here, but I also wanted to not use this widget (just not have it on the page). Are those links visible to visitors to my (new, just temp stuff there now till I get the hang of this) blog? If so, can they be removed, and if so, how exactly do I remove the widget? Thanks for any (detailed as possible, real newbie here) advice you can give on this.



    The links are visible to all visitors if you use it. You can’t edit that widget, as it’s prefab. It’s all or nothing with the meta widget. If you want some of those links but not others, do as suggested and code it yourself into a text widget. To remove the widget, go to your Presentation Sidebar Widgets page and pull it out of the sidebar and drop it into the box at the bottom of the page for unused widgets. If it doesn’t appear in that view, it’s coded right into the them and you will have to change themes to take it out.

    If you want to go straight to your sign-in page, the URL of your blog with “/wp-admin” added to the end (with no quotation marks) will take you straight there: bookmark it.



    Well, I’ve tried just about every theme and the widget appears. I go to the “Presentation” option and try to drag it to the “available widgets” box to remove it and nothing happens. Perhaps you are not addressing the “newbie” mention. For example, “code it yourself into a text widget” makes no sense to me (n.e.w.b.i.e). Anybody out there who can tell me how to remove this without resorting to tech talk? For example, I found no “Presentation Sidebar Widgets.” I found Presentation and found the Meta widget and the “available widgets” but no real way to lose this *particular* widget from any *particular* theme. Let’s try this. I’ve gone back to “Contempt” (aptly named at this point) as my theme. Is this (useless to viewers and therefore unwanted) widget locked into that theme? Is there one that it is not?



    It’s not in Dusk.

    Presentation –> Sidebar Widgets. I was telling you how to find the page where you edit your widgets.



    This is a link to beginner resources


    I meant to change the links of that widget,now I know how to resolve the problem,thank you for your help.

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