How to change the name of the Home tab?

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    See under mistylook theme.
    One of the top tabs is hidden by the Search box.
    There are two solutions:
    1. make the search box shorter (don’t know if it is possible without working in the CSS)
    2. shorten the name of the home tab (in Spanish, it could be “Inicio” instead of “Página principal”

    As for the second solution, which seems to be easier, I do not find the way to do that.
    Any idea?



    You cannot change the name of the “home” page even with the CSS. It is defined in the underlying theme files.

    The search box and button can only be removed with the custom CSS upgrade. It is recommended that you have some CSS experience before buying the upgrade since there is no official support for it.



    Thanks Sacredpath for your answer. I’ll find another solution (like hiding one of the pages, so the tab doesn’t appear) and make a link in the right column to go to this page.

    Otherwise, I could change of theme.

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