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How to change the order how the posts are displayed?

  1. The posta are displayed on my blog in the chronological order: the first post written appears the first and the most recently written is displayed the last.

    How I can change that the most recent written post to appear the first?


    The blog I need help with is

  2. By default the newest post should appear first, unless you've set a post to be a "sticky", which will keep it at the top of your blog, above all other posts.

    Looking in your April archives, your posts appear correctly ordered, so I suspect you may have set your first post as a sticky.

  3. Jennifer, Thanks a lot it was exactly how you said, I marked it as sticky by mistake.

    Do you know is there a possibility to display only the titles of the posts and maybe part of the text (and if someone is interested in reading more will access the entire article) in order to show into the blog page more posts visible?

    Thanks in advance

  4. @alinademeter
    We can split content in post by using "the more" tag. The user chooses how much of a teaser to display as they choose where to insert the more tag. See >

  5. @alinademeter-Glad it was easy to solve. :)

  6. Thanks timethief, your advice worked perfectly

  7. That's good news. Happy blogging. :)

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