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How to change the theme of the blog?

  1. Hi!
    How do i cnage the theme of my blog? I tried clicking the thumbnail and it only opens a *preview* of my blog in the new theme. I don't understand how to change it.

  2. After clicking the thumbnail and it shows the preview, click Activate at the top right.

  3. There is no such button on the preview page!

  4. Just an "in case":

    If you are using a Mac with Safari 2.x.x, the activate link may not appear although it will in the Safari 3 beta version. If you are using Safari, then my suggestion is to switch to Firefox or Camino since they are far more stable with at this time.

  5. @prakharbirla
    See my comment just above.

  6. I tried with Firefox on winXP and it worked perfectly! Firefox rokx!

  7. Thanks all :)

  8. You're very welcome, and happy blogging.

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