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How to change the thumbnail size? - in gallery mode -

  1. hi there aficionados!

    here's the thing
    126 photos as a gallery - only option to load quickly
    the thumbnails are tiny meaning one has to open each one which is out of the question as it is too time consuming and cumbersom

    i want all of them to be extra large thumbnail size, so one does not need to clicked on them, unless one wants to see more detail
    How to do this in bulk ?
    no way can i reset each one!
    HELP! pls

    The blog I need help with is

  2. changing the number of images per line doesn't enlarge them

  3. Switch the editor to HTML and change the gallery shortcode to this:

    [gallery columns="1" size="full"]

  4. Just an aside, with 126 photosat "full", that's going to be a v e r y long post or page to have to scroll through. You might want to use the "include" option and pagination.

    See here:

  5. photosat = photos at
    a v e r y = a very


  6. thanks everyone! :)
    for your time

    been away - incase you might think id gone on a major bender due to frustration

    just about to return to task of 125 verticles and 126 horizontals!
    will read and do, just now, when sorted few other things out - like plethera of emails!

    works great for group of 9
    now need to find out if i can have different galleries!
    one for all the verticles 150 +
    one for all the horizontals 150 +
    tried to find the the gallery link to deselect the ones that are already in a gallery

    thanks for your input. Am trying to skim through the links to see if i can sort out my
    multi gallery dilema
    ie each post has its own gallery
    one for all hroizontal images
    one for verticle images
    (for a pleasing lay out)
    can't see gallery link when clicked on 'add foto' icon

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