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How to change the Time/Hour of my blog.

  1. I saw a similar topic on the forum related to the BLOG STATS, but my question is:

    How do change the time/hour of my blog? Just yesterday, I was at my blog, and I noticed that my Hour/time was wrong. How could I fix this?

  2. If you go to your admin area = > Options => General Options and scroll down to 'Date and Time'. There is gives you the UTC time. From there, you put in the amount that would make it the same time that you are (+3 or -7 or whatever).


  3. +1 means... +1hour?

  4. Yes. I live in Mountain Time Zone so I put -7 in the box ;)


  5. Thanks dude. =/

  6. Dude, I put the difference, and I still have the wrong hour....

  7. Which time zone are you in? If it is positive you do not need the "+" symbol in there.

  8. I have the same issue. I placed -7 (i live on the pacific coast) in the box and hit update.

    At 5:30 pm, 12:00am UTC time, it resets the day. I would like it to reset the stat info on my days, not UTC days.

    Anyone know how to do this?

  9. Stat info comes direct from and you can't ever switch the time around on that, unfortunately. It always comes at midnight GMT.

  10. ok, thanks for clearing that up. Now it won't bother me as much knowing I can't do anything about it. :D

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