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How to change the WordPress url (name)

  1. Just wondering how i change the '' to

    I had two blogs, drosberg and canadiantrek. I only want the canadiantrek blog, so deleted the drosberg blog....
    didn't work. I sign in as canadiantrek but still see ''. Just getting started here, so any suggestions would be appreciated.

    thanks in advance!!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hi,

    This might be of help: Moving a Blog.

    Best of luck!


  3. Hi there, thanks for the respone. Yes i tried that. There's an option to change the username, when i try change drosberg to canadiantrek the system tells me 'canadiantrek' is alreay in use. Problem is, it's me that has that name canadiantrek.

    So i can log-in with username 'canadiantrek', enter my password, etc. but my blog address reads 'drosberg'.
    I dunno??

  4. Hi, the problem might be that, is your primary blog. So first you may have to change your primary blog. Go to your settings (place your cursor at the top right side at your gravatar, drop down menu will show up). There you will find the primary blog option, change it to the one you want to keep.

    Then, go to the other blog and delete it. Hope this works :)

  5. Actually been there too. When I go to settings there's only one blog showing (canadiantrek), but when I go to the blog the url is drosberg?

    So the account reads correct, but displays the drosberg as the url, rather than the canadiantrek.

    Thanks for the advice. Perhaps I will just leave it as is and hopefully it will be correct when I setup a domain. I have registered canadiantrek, and will map it to WordPress (not sure if that's the correct term).

    Thanks again for the quick replies.

  6. There's a solution to that -
    Go to your dashboard -> Go to tools -> Delete site

    This page will show you a drop down menu

    Select change my site's address.


  7. Hi again gaurabm89 and thanks for working through this with me. Unfortunately I've been down this route as well.

    When I try to change my sites address to the system displays a message indicating that canadiantrek is already in use. The problem is, canadiantrek is associated with my account.

    See above, for additional info...I tried to delete the drosberg account through the process that you describe, but somehow deleted the canadiantrek address.

    So, although canadiantrek is associated with my account i can't access it? Not sure if this can be corrected through the system interface, or whether it will require assistance from the WP folks - if they exist and offer that kind of support.

    Thanks very much.

    drosberg.......yearning to be canadiantrek :)

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