How to change to colour and size of titles when creating a new post

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    Is there any way to change the colour and/or size of the title of your posts?

    I’m using the Modularity Lite theme and find the titles to be too contrasty with the dark background.

    The blog I need help with is



    This is only possible with the CSS upgrade. The code below will change the post title colour in your theme, you can preview it under Appearance > Edit CSS from your dashboard although no-one except yourself will see the change unless you buy the upgrade (and renew it each year). The code to use is below, check the “add to existing stylesheet” box and see what you think. Change the first hex colour code to something a bit less bright: #ccc might be a good place to start.

    .post h2 a {color:#f00;}
    .post .entry h2 a {color:#eee;}


    If you mean the title you put in the box above the text then no, only as halluke mentioned.

    If you mean subtitles then yes. you can change the colour. You need to make sure you have two lines of buttons showing (Show/Hide Kitchen Sink), then there is a ‘Select text colour’ button on the lower line and you can use it to change the colour of both sub-headings and text.

    Since it does that by adding a SPAN tag, you could edit the HTML yourself to alter the size as well.

    <h2><span style="color: #ff00ff;">Test here</span></h2>


    However to keep doing this will be very tedious – I would either find another theme, live with what I have or (possibly!) pay for the CSS upgrade.

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