How to change to the customised font purchased?

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    Well, that is the question. I hoped the writing would automatically change from the default to my newly purchased font, but so far, even with logging out and logging in, there has been no change.




    Here’s the Bouquet CSS stylesheet link for you



    Hello Timethief, I love your picture, and the hair is terrific!

    I feel sure this is how I attempted to change my font. I had paid the $30 quite a while earlier, so it should have worked for me.

    I will try again tomorrow and let you know how it went. I appreciate this quick reply! Thanks!


    @donnideville, I checked and see you have chosen Le Monde Journal for your body text, and that is what I’m seeing when I visit . My suggestion would be to clear your browser cache to see if perhaps your browser is pulling from its cache and not refreshing the files.

    Also, take a look at your site with a different browser, such as Internet Explorer and see if the font shows up there.




    I wish you could have told me this earlier, lol! I could not understand why it was not working, but the font I chose must have been so close to the default, that I could see no difference. I think I have sorted it by choosing another font. Thanks for trying to help here, I appreciate it.

    I have another problem though. I could not get my ‘dashboard’ and seemed stuck on the page with the column on the right hand side. Every time I hoped to get a column on the left hand side so I could get on and find out more about WordPress. Thank goodness, on logging in today, I came into the page with Dashboard. Now I have to hope when I get back into my normal pages, there is a menu bar column on the left so I can navigate around.

    Please look out for me in case I have to come back for more help?



    Donni, you are welcome and I’ll keep a look out in case you have problems. In many instances when your dashboard isn’t working correctly, logging out and clearing your browser cache and cookies, and then one extra step of restarting your browser will clear things up.



    Thanks Sacred Path,

    It must be my fault. I look forward to being more confident so I can use this site more. I do have another question and that is; I want to move my post where I talk about my published novel, onto my ‘About’ page. Hopefully, this will keep my information easily accessible when I post my other blogs. But, can I post the same picture of the cover of my book there, taken out of my computer pics?

    When I wrote a few things in the ‘About’ I don’t remember seeing where I could upload a picture for that page?

    I am sorry for being a nuisance, but when I keep messing up, it makes me nervous on using a site, and this could be a really beneficial one for me.

    I do appreciate the cavalry coming to my assistance so quickly! Not that I prefer the cavalry to the Native Indians, as I do not. But, the cavalry are fine on the Internet!

    I have just thought…….Is it possible to keep the blogs in a certain order? If so, it would be better if I could keep the book info as the first page of the blogs, all others coming after it and not before. Can it work that way?

    Later then, lol!
    Thanks again,


    Donni, you are welcome.

    You cannot put the post on your about page, but you can add your book image and any text you want associated with that on the about page. You can insert images into pages in the same way you insert them into posts by clicking the Add Media button at top left in the editor window. You can insert it directly from the media library so you don’t have to upload it again. I would suggest rewording the book text/copy a little and then link to the post where you have your book so that there isn’t duplicate content. Search engines aren’t fond of duplicate content.

    You can set your book post as a sticky post and it will stay at the top of your home/posts page. See here for more information:



    Hello SacredPath,

    You cannot imagine how much I envy all of you who know what you are doing. I really need a tutor here! I understand what you wrote to me, I went to the link and it seems straightforward…………..But, when I am in my Blog, I can’t find the rich editor, and I wanted to post a story, but have kept running out of there. As I paid for the software to change fonts, I would like to use it, but I can’t find that right panel where I changed a font before.

    After posting a story, can I highlight it all and change the font to one I like for that post?

    This is so embarrassing, as I am reasonably okay computer wise normally. I shall try what you suggested and if (okay, when!) I have problems, will come back. Sorry for being a pest!



    After posting a story, can I highlight it all and change the font to one I like for that post?

    It would be better to use Appearance > Customize > Fonts. Here is a direct link that will work for your blog:

    The 2nd option there for “Body Text” will change the font for all of the posts at the same time.



    Maybe I need my eyes testing, but I could not see the 2nd option for body text. I will look again, or is there something to click on to find it? Thanks for the info to change the font to begin with.

    Another question; I have a comment on my About Page, which I want to edit/delete. I clicked on the word EDIT there, and it seemed to ‘take,’ but no change occurred on the page, and I was unable to edit the comment.

    I want to use the About page to move the ad for my novel, from the Home page, so I can use that for new posts. I then want to use the About page for a bit of a bio, and the ad for my novel, keeping that page static.

    I saw how to do that, but not how to type or paste onto my ‘About’ page? Nor, how to type or paste any new post of mine onto the Home page….

    I found Dashboard once or twice, and have no idea how to find that again, as there are no links on my home page. I could see no link which stated ‘New Post’ for me to click on either.

    I can’t help feeling despair that even when I can see how to do something, it does not work. As in, the ‘Edit’ link not doing anything.

    I hope I don’t give up, but each time I try to do something, it is too complicated and I wasted so much time. I have my own website which is quite involved, but far easier to navigate, so I don’t know why I am having so much trouble on here. Others seem to be doing fine and putting out work regularly.


    Donni, the dashboard for your site can be reached by clicking the “Site Admin” link in the Meta widget you have at the bottom of your sidebar on your site. It will take you to this link: . You can also bookmark that link in your browser so that you can get to it quickly. Also, if you are logged into WordPress and on your site, you can hover your mouse over Donni De-Ville at upper left in the dark grey admin bar and then click “Dashboard”.

    To edit your about page, while in your dashboard, go to pages > all pages and click on the name of your about page to open it in the editor. If it does not open in the rich text editor, click on the “visual” tab at upper right of the editor.

    You can copy and paste just like in other programs. You highlight the stuff you want to copy and use ctrl-c to copy it (or select “copy” from the edit menu) to your clipboard and then go to where you want to paste it and press ctrl-v (or select “paste” from the edit menu).

    If you want to move the entire content of the novel post, including the image, currently on your main page to your about page, go to posts > all posts, open that post in the editor, switch to the “text” tab in the editor, copy all the text and code there and copy it to your clipboard.

    Then open your about page in the editor, switch to the text tab and place the cursor where you want to paste in the stuff you copied and paste it in.

    You can then switch back to the visual tab (rich text editor) and do any additional formatting you desire.

    You may want to look through the following tutorial on getting started with, which may help:

    Hang in there and we will help you get everything up and running.

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