How to change user status from viewer to editor on private blog

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    Hi there

    I run a private blog for a dog rescue organization. I need to change the status of someone who signed up as a “viewer” to the role of an “editor”.

    However, I cannot see them in “all users” – just the 2 admins
    I can see them in a list if I click “invite new”

    I’m nervous about deleting them and re inviting them as an editor, in case they then cannot reuse their user name

    Can anyone help? I’m sure it’s a simple solution

    The blog I need help with is



    I am having the same issue. I have created a private website for a service organization and cannot see the list of viewers who have accepted invites and signed on. I saw inquiries in November about the same issue and the topics were closed without resolution.



    Can someone tell me if this issue is being looked into? I am set for website rollout on 4/23 with inviting contributors ahead of schedule on 4/16. I am considering either retaining our parallel blogger site or needing to know if we need to upgrade to for this among other considerations.

    Currently, as you can imagine, we have been testing features like post-by-email, hidden pages, page content, etc under various roles. I had erroneously assumed we could rely on the user page to keep track of what role was under which account. I never dreamed I’d have to write it down first.

    And, obviously, like Rob above, we will need the ability to upgrade or downgrade users below the admin level. Thank you for any info you can provide.


    This might help:

    it has how to access the other settings, too.



    I have found a list of followers via the Stats page. However, there is no ability to change their role through that page.

    Additionally, I am not seeing the list of Contributors, Authors or Editors. Simply the list of Admins on the Users page.

    So, to summarize. I have only a list of Admins roles on the Users page where I can change the role. No other role type appears in the User page.
    I have a list of Followers on the Stats page but no ability for action. I have no list of the roles inbetween that have access to the blog.


    @banjocats – the stats page only shows a list of followers who have subscribed to read your blog via the wordpress feed page. (‘read blogs’ page found via a tab on the home page when logged in).

    @banjocats and @robertholloway:

    You’ll be able to see who has access to your blog (but not their roles) by going to Settings on your dashboard then clicking on ‘Privacy’.

    On your dashboard, if you go to Users, then click in ‘Invite New’, then put the person’s username or email address in the space provided and then click the ‘role’ drop down and choose the other role you want for them, then just send a new invite – it won’t overrive the old one, as far as I know and you don’t have to delete their past invitation – that should do the trick.

    However, in case that doesn’t work, I’ve marked this topic with ‘modlook’ so that staff or a moderator will look at it. I have couple of private blogs myself and I know that sometimes there are problems with them that are not as easy to solve as with public-access blogs here. And I also don’t see anyone other than myself on the ‘all users’ page. I suspect that people who start off as viewers (readers), don’t appear there anyway – it’s probably for changing a status down rather than up, but I can’t be sure.

    By the way, you should know that the support pages for anything here on WordPress have extra links to related support pages and that is why I gave the link in my comment above. Not only does it give basic info that you might already know, but it also gives info that you might NOT know. And these topics here in the forum are for the use of all who blog on some of whom might have less knowledge than you.

    Also, in case you don’t already know this – nearly everyone who gives answers on the forums here are volunteers, so you have to wait til someone is here who actually knows the answers to your questions and it might not be instant.

    Be patient. If my response hasn’t helped, then just hang in there and someone will – hopefully – be along soon who can.



    To upgrade a user from Viewer to a higher level, you’ll need to re-invite them at that higher level.



    Thank you. This is helpful.

    To see ALL your users, you must go to 2 separate places. For “Contributors” and above, you will see them on the “All Users” page. To see your “Viewers”, you must go to the “Invite New” page and scroll down under the Past Invitations section is.

    The protocol I’ve chosen is to invite future contributors as viewers initially. I am then able to upgrade them later – by sending another invite. This actually works out for the best in our organization’s scenario, because it delays the bombardment of info on what a contributor is and how it works.

    A snag I have found is that once a viewer has been upgraded to contributor, there is not a way to downgrade them from the “All Users” page. My only option is to upgrade them or delete them. If I am wrong, please let me know. So upgrade judiciously.

    Thank you for your assistance. I have a strong motivation to make this product work. This “all users” not being a true “all users” page has been a painful culture shock coming out of Blogger. It is not intuitive, but thanks to you, I verified that is truly the case; it’s not just me.


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