How to change username in OLD comments?

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    Hi! I have renamed my blog, my username and my gravatar in my blog. In new comments my new username is shown but not in old ones. That is, I have just renamed the blogg and kept old comments. Now I want my new username to be shown in OLD comments, not my old username. The new gravatar picture is shown correctly but my old username is still there. How to fix this?

    Thankful for every tip!

    The blog I need help with is

    The blog I need help with is



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    Hi I have also changed my user name and display name. I am kind of panicking now in case I lose everything, like followers, my Blogs and comments Etc. Does it effect any of these? I’m pretty new to this.



    Your issue is not the same. Please click this link and start your own thread >



    Your username change will not be retroactive.

    However, you can update your display name, if you like!

    Here’s some more information about that:

    I hope that’s of some use!


    No, this doesn´t solve the issue. I have gone through all three places for making changes to my profile name/ user name but my old comments are still shown with my old user name.

    Would be happy is there´s some solution to this problem.



    Hi there,

    Your username change is not retroactive, so your old comments will continue to have your old username attached.

    The only thing that changes retroactively is the Display Name. You can make further changes to that (or leave it as-is, based on your preference) by following the instructions at the link for changing display name, or by going to this link on your Dashboard, and updating “Display name publicly as”

    I’m sorry that I can’t be of more help for you!


    Thanks for your answer. It´s quite a loss in functionality that you can´t change the profile name in old comments at the same time as you change your user name. Really bad.



    I’ll be sure to deliver the idea to our internal team for future consideration.


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