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How to change username on your blog - thanks timethief !

  1. Earlier on today, I found timethief's very clear explanation of her workaround on how to change username for a blog. It was buried deep and hidden far down in this thread:

    Well, once discovered, perhaps that deserves its own thread since as far as I can recall, every other answer around here says that usernames just can't be changed. That much is true, but timethief's method shows how you can change the username on your blog.

    The current FAQ says you can address this by going to:

    Options -> 'Display name publicly as' - but actually that is only a partial solution, since although it does work=s for posts and comments, it doesn't change the original administrator username which is still displayed publicly in forum entries like this one.

    Timethief's method gets around that problem perfectly.

    I would endorse timethief's caveats that her workaround does require full care and attention to avoid nasty mistakes, and there is just one more small change that I would make to her instructions in that thread.

    She suggests that the e-mail address on registration of a new username will likely always be the one that shows up on any comments you leave elsewhere from then on, but in fact I think you can still get around that problem by changing the user profile to reflect a new e-mail address.

    That can't be the same address as one you've used for another username, though, so you might need to create a new e-mail account just for that purpose. But provided you do have a spare e-mail address to work with somewhere and your blog is then successfully assigned to a new username, you can always then adjust the e-mail addresses on your various profiles later on.

    Thanks very much again, timethief !

  2. {blushing} thanks :)

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