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How to Change ways Site Stats works?

  1. I can't remember how to format my site to not pick up my IP address as a "visit" to my site. I remember that I was given the option from somewhere on my dashboard. Also, can I format the stats to pick between "views" and "visits"? I am at a loss and I can't find this topic already in the forums.


    The blog I need help with is

  2. That isn't applicable to free hosted blogs. We don' have such options at all. Please see here > site stats

  3. I'm a bit puzzled by the new Stats set-up. The old stats set-up used to show the name of the posts published on each day (when you hovered over the graph) so that you could interpret your highs and lows by the content you were publishing. But now they're not there anymore *sniffle*. Can we have them back please?

  4. You can see your content published when you hover over the publishing date graph line at the new stat page too. Aren't you seeing the "content published" when hovering over the date of publishing it?

  5. No, I'm not.
    If I go to it via the Dashboard Site Stats I can see them, but not if I go to it via the little graph in the strip across the top of my blog.

  6. The little graph in the Admin bar are "sparklines" and show you visitors to your site in the past 48 hours. To get the "full" stats experience, you'll have to either visit your Stats page in your Dashboard, or you can also now find them in the My Stats tab on the front page.

  7. Is there a way to count viewers, instead of viewings? In other words, if a person goes to my blog, I only want that to be counted as 1 viewing. If they move from page to page, or post to post on my blog, I don't want those movements counted. I want to count people, not movements.

  8. Can I track other details? stats do not track unique visitors, countries, IP addresses, or other details.

  9. If you wish you can use free thrird party non-Javascript visitor tracking. Scroll down to "Visitor tracking" on this page for more information.

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