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    I just setup domain for my blog. I would like to change the email address I used for the domain so the original address does not show up in the whois for the domain. How can I do this?




    Depends. I changed my WHois info myself via my hosting company – through a portal to another company if I remember correctly. for my other domain WHOIS info change I emailed my other hosting provider with the details I wanted to change and they did it for me. Don’t know if you have a host yet but if you do, ask them.



    You would have to contact the company you purchased your domain name with.


    I purchased my domain through wordpress, who would i need to contact to get my info changed?



    Staff can be contacted by emailing support at wordpress dot com.



    We do not currently offer any cloaking of information.

    Once the domain is at least 60 days old it can be transferred to a registrar who does offer that.
    The 60 day rule is not ours, it is set by ICANN (who set most things internet).

    When a domain is transferred the new registrar will probably charge you. This is typically the cost of a domain renewal – even if you just bought it.

    Changing personal information to something false in the domain control panel is not a good idea – you risk the domain being removed. (Low risk but still a risk).



    Leaving full and accurate personal details in whois is also not a good idea, unless you never write anything remotely personal or controversial and/or live in a gated compound. Low risk, yes, but still a risk.

    Perhaps you should say in the FAQ that anyone with privacy concerns needs to stick with their free subdomain or register a domain elsewhere? I don’t see anything about whois on the page about domain mapping, and if you’re savvy enough to know about whois already, you probably also know that you can get your domain cheaper somewhere else ;)


    Most hosting companies allow you to mask your personal information by replacing it with their contact info and acting as an intermediary between you and anyone trying to contact you.

    As a business its a bad idea, on a personal side i depends how paranoid you are. If yyou dont like the idea of anyone beiong able to find out you name, address, phone number and email, then masking is good. If you dont mind, then it dosent matter.

    Personally i use masking, all of the domains i register are masked by the host. It’s not illegal and you wont loose the domain.



    Some feel that the masking is against the specific RFCs concerning domain names though. It’s a gray area.

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