How to change/transfer my blog url to another

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    I have an older wordpress blog: and I want to rename it and also free up the pineapplelime username/url to use as a totally different and new blog.

    I’ve searched through the support pages and see how to transfer a site but I don’t know which way around to do it. What I want is to keep all the content/theme/tags etc that has but under the url/username

    Can anyone give me a definite answer on how to do this?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. Since the two blog addresses already exist, the feature to change an address may not work.
    You may have to save two export files for each blog, delete each blog’s content only (but not the blogs themselves!), and import the files. But that’s all very complicated and risky in my humble opinion.

    I tagged this thread so that staff takes a look and (maybe?) do that for you.

    If other volunteers have better solutions, I invite them to suggest them :-)



    airodyssey is right. You won’t be able to change the blog URL, as the two already exist.

    You’ll need to instead transfer your content following this guide:

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