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how to check current disk usage of my blog

  1. Hi all,

    I would like to know current disk usage of my blog, where to check ?

    Thanks for your time,

  2. You can't. Simple as that I'm afraid.

  3. They had been kicking around the idea of some sort of monitoring system over on the MU Support forums with a couple different methods suggested. I would like to see something put into the MU install we have here as well.

    I would suggest a Feedback from your Dashboard with this suggestion. It makes a lot of sense

  4. Podz says he'll pass the idea along.

  5. Current disk usage? Like a monthly bandwidth thing? Oy!

  6. Nah, it's part of that "We're allowed 25megs to upload pictures" thing.

  7. One more question ---

    blog entries + uploaded files = 25 MB allowed space OR

    for uploaded files = 25 MB limit?

  8. The MU install that I looked had was uploads and not blog entires. That doesn't mean has modifed it though.

    Staff members have stated that the database is on seperate boxes than the uploaded files so it's probably true that it's files only.

  9. in the post which gave a rise to this "25Mb" rumor Lorelle says:

    (Last I heard it was 25 megs)

    so, 'uploaded files' == <secret limit>

    funny, this rumor even made it to the PCWorld.

    my guess that total upload as well as individual post attachment size limits are kept in the secret for it meant actual numbers don't really matter and even "kinda foreign and hard-to-understand concepts anyway" since upload is supposed only for relatively small pictures used in the blog decoration (like sidebar chicklets and such).

    anything else better be hosted off .com -- otherwise one has got to reupload all attachments and edit URLs in the backup (can be real PITA) in case of transfer a .com blog somewhere else.

  10. I'm wondering if it's not more considering Matt's post a few posts down from Lorelle's.

    I know my limits are pretty soft for my clients but I have both space and bandwidth in excess and 99% of my clients aren't near either one.

  11. well, overselling is a well known hosting provider's butter, though we both know that those limits are setup parameters and there hardly 5TB (5 000 gigabytes) of data storage capacity is available on .com datacenters.

  12. We do? First time I've heard that figure. Love to see a reference.

    Granted database boxes are expensive (My pair of 7TB backup boxes was $15k a piece) but they're money well spent.

  13. yes, we do, mean 'total upload' and 'max upload' params are set up on the initial WPMU site install (can be changed though).

    as for figure just simple math: 200K+ blogs * 25Mb/blog == 5TB

  14. Granted but I don't see it as a hard limit for them. Most database servers are at least that size and, when they have talked about the database servers, it's been almost always "servers" with the 's' on the end.

    I'm actually interested in knowing what they're running. I got to buy another dozen myself come January or Feburary once I get my own start up loan paid off. I never did get a reply from that feedback but that was before I got my bump up here. I also want to know what my new Google PR is going to be but I guess we can't always get what we want. :)

  15. suppose that is a bunch of inexpensive Linux boxes. either dedicated or co-located (less probable since the datacenter which hosts .com don't offer co-lo anymore)

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