how to claim my blog?

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    i have blogged for a few years, but just recently signed up to to get my api keu for some new plugins i installed…

    i don’t know where my original api key is, since someone else set up my blog for me…and now my plugins don’t recognize the new one i was given yesterday when i signed up here…

    and i can’t seem to figure out how to claim my blog here to get the old one. how do i locate that?




    Your API key can be found in USERS>>YOUR PROFILE…in the dashboard.


    right, but it was just assigned the one a day ago and it doesn’t “belong” to the blog i’ve had for years. i’m wondering if i can find the one that corresponds to my blog. does that make sense?

    when i log into my blog’s dashboard, (not it only has name/password/contact info…


    after a search, i found this, i have the same message:

    i have an API key currently working for the akismet plugin, but the stats one doesn’t seem to want to recognize that one. i try my one (that i was just given a day ago) but they don’t play nicely with each other…

    thanks for any help anyone can offer…



    i think you may need to send an email to support[at]


    thanksjudyb12, just sent an email…

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