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How to claim new blog

  1. Hello friends please help me now I am not able to claim new blogs with one user name. Before I have 3-4 blogs under one user name. But now there is option to claim your new blog. Any can help me?
    Thanks in advance

  2. It might have something to do with the fact that your old seomoon blog got suspended. I would ask staff about this via your Dashboard.

  3. Yes, seomoon blog gone suspended can I Know please why?.
    thanks for help I would like to claim one blog more do it needful

  4. Best bet would be to send in an email to support at this domain from the emaill address that you signed up with in the first place and ask. We don't have any backend access here in teh forums and we do try to stay away from the policy issues as well.

    Your blog was deleted due to ToS violations. usually that's becasue you were using your blog for spam or affliate links, SEO purposes, or trying to sell stuff off of it. That would be my guess.

  5. humm I have not use it for any thing like that just created and after 3 days it was suspend. Any way where can i send email. what is support email id?

  6. I mentioned it in my post but just for reference, it's support at this domain.

    Good luck,

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