How to clear blog stats???

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    ok so here is the scenario:
    you’re working on your blog/website and so, in order to make sure things appear like you want them to, every now and then you check it to see if it is perfect. In my case, I used a different browser altogether so that i am not logged in when i visit the blog. Now, after i was happy with what i’d done and finished with it, I wanted to clear the blog stats so that those visits from me dont count. I wanted it make the stats zero again so that i know exactly how many people visit.

    But, strangely enough, i cannot find a way to do it in the dashboard. I even searched the forums and FAQ to come up empty-handed. Therefore, any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. :)



    you can’t do it, sorry.



    since i didn’t find it i was almost sure that i’d get that response ….however, don’t you think it is a feature that should be present?



    I promise that if we had a “Reset your stats’ button then I would get anguished emails from people who did it accidentally.

    People ‘accidentally’ delete blogs, ‘accidentally’ buy upgrades so a reset button would cause more harm than good.

    Sorry, but it won’t be happening.



    i guess i get your point but an idiot-proof reset button would’ve been great… anycase, thanks for your response… that was really quick!



    Can’t you log in to WP at the same time using different browsers? I’ve logged in to my blog with Firefox and IE at the same time before; it lets me see what the blog looks like in both browsers, but because I’m logged in to WP, my hits don’t count as part of the blog stats. It won’t wipe the stats, but it might help you next time. :)



    Trust me, there is NOTHING idiot proof on the internet. Create a test blog, then go through the process to delete it to see what I mean. It’s pretty clear “Yo, POOF! GONE FOREVER! Is this what you want?” or words to that effect. And yet people click it and then ask how to get things back.

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