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How to Combine two Blogs

  1. klearkonscience

    So I have two blogs set up and

    They are both under one account. I want to know if I can basically make these to adresses the same blog. I want people to be taken to the same blog regardless of which site they type in.

    Is this possible? If so how do I do it?

  2. I don't think it is but you can link one to the other using links

  3. I think you just need to export 1 blog and then import that file to your other blog. You might have to do some tweaking with the categories, etc - but that should do the trick for you.

  4. You cannot map a blog to another blog; you can, as stated above, link them together (using the blogroll, for instance) or transfer the content over so that everything is accessible from one primary blog.

    You can then leave a note on the other blog directing users to the primary blog.

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