how to connect the 'home' tab to the main photo/site title

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    I am new to wordpress and also new to blogging…so please bear with me. I am using the ‘forever’ theme and have set up a menu with 4 tabs, one of which is a ‘home’ tab. The forever theme allows a photo and and site title (I have uploaded a photo and selected a site title). But I noticed that I am able to click actual photo and the site title and when I do it takes me to another page which is not linked to my home and one that said “there is nothing found”. So my question is how can link my ‘home’ tab to the photo or the site title so that when visitors click on any of those three (home, main photo, site title) it takes them to one page the ‘home’ page which I hope to be my main page where I post regularly. I hope this makes sense :-/
    thank you very much for your help!:)

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