How to connect two users in order to register subdomains to one same domain

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    We can’t map a subdomain of a domain that we own because we have already used it for another blog and wp account. We created two different accounts in order to create a Romanian and Bulgarian blog without taking into consideration that when a subdomains of a domain are registered to an user at only that user can register other subdomains. The blogs are and For Romania we wanted to create, but now we can’t.
    Could you please tell us if there is a possibility to connect in some way both wp users so we to be able to map one more subdomain to

    Thank you very much in advance!

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    The blog I need help with is



    A single user account can have more than one blog assigned to it. So what you want to do is have both your Romanian and Bulgarian blogs owned by a single user, and then make your second user an Administrator to the blog they will manage.

    For example, let’s say you want the user bonobg to be the owner of both blogs. Currently bonobg owns just bonobgblog. You need to log into the Dashboard for and transfer its ownership to bonobg by following these steps to Transfer a Blog to Another User:

    After the transfer is finished, you will need to invite the user bonotrader to be an Administrator for, following these steps:



    Many thanks. The information was really useful.

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