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    I want to edit the page of the website made through wordpress but I don’t know how can I connect using FTP and get those files. I tried connecting by putting host as “” and my username, password. It is not connecting. Is it because I have not installed the wordpress on my computer and just made the account online?

    The blog I need help with is



    There is no FTP access to blogs and we cannot upload anything into them. Please read this so you clearly comprehend the differences between free hosted blogs here at wordpress.COM and wordpress.ORG installs >


    @srkaushi, if you wish to edit or publish pages and posts without having to use the editors in the wordpress dashboard, consider getting an offline blog client such as Windows Live Writer or BlogDesk (Windows only) or Ecto (Windows and Mac). WLW and BD are free downloads, but Ecto at under $20 hardly breaks the bank. All three allow you to create, edit and publish posts (and in the case of Ecto pages also – not sure about WLW and BD on pages) directly from the offline blog client.

    Timethief has a review of a bunch of offline editors on the blog linked to her name.



    @TT, thanks. I was going to go and get it and come back, but I got sidetracked.



    I have been sidetracked all day but I finally got all the accounting work 95% done. Yay!


    Good for you!

    I transferred everything over to my new laptop last night. The other one was slowly dying. I’ll take it in for repair this week so that I have a backup system. With my web work, I can’t be without one for even a day right now.



    This is only possible if you self-host.


    @udosero, Umm, no. You cannot post or edit pages via FTP here or when self-hosted. You cannot access the MySQL database through FTP, which is where all content is kept.

    The only way to edit post or pages from outside the dashboard dashboard is through the XMLRPC API. That is what blog clients do.



    what about if i map my .com blog to a subdomain? i can still retain FTP access to my main domain right?



    You cannot use FTP at all on, no matter what upgrade you get, barring tghe $600 per month VIP upgrade

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