How to consolidate an author account across multiple types of sites

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    I first asked this in the WordPress. org forum and was told the underlying problem is that I have somehow linked my and account through the offending username memphistypehistory. I’ve been told to repost my question here for support. So here goes:

    1. It looks like I somehow managed to create a and site with the username memphistypehistory. I believe this to be the case because I can access both of these blogs/sites through the Manage Blogs dashboard when logged in as this username.

    2. I have a profile associated with my name on the site called It’s set to be an admin. However, the overriding acccount is memphistypehistory username, which is the one that created the page. After I created it, I set up a new profile for myself as an author and set up one for another author.

    3. My author account (the one using my name and photo as the avatar) on has one email address associated with it. The account that manages my self-hosted wordpress.ORG site ( has a different email address associated with it, but curiously the gravatar seems to be stuck as the one I originally set for the memphistypehistory username.

    4. I’ve tried inviting my username/author account to my site (which is and then deleting the “extra” author account with the wrong gravata, but this process isn’t doing anything. The invited account doesn’t even show up even though I accepted the invite.

    So, how do I get rid of this memphistypehistory username that seems to be uniting my and sites?

    Then, how do I consolidate my named author account to be the same across both of these websites?

    I really hope this made sense. I’ve been working on it for quite some time trying to change the email addresses, invite new users, etc, and none of that seems to work at all. I appreciate your help!

    The blog I need help with is



    I flagged this for staff to sort out. At the very least they can detach your blogs.


    Thank you so much raincoaster!



    Could you please point out where you see the ‘memphistypehistory’ username/gravatar on your self-hosted site?

    Note: memphistypehistory is a account, you use this account to connect the features through Jetpack on your self-hosted site. Do you want to keep this connection?

    Looking forward to your reply.


    I think I got it all sorted out, thanks to your note about Jetpack. That connection was what was messing up the accounts and the gravatar. now I have it all sorted out and linked properly. Thank you so much!



    I’m glad it’s resolved now! Feel free to contact us if you have any other questions.

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