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  1. 2starsandaswirl

    Is there a way to email requests in, or is it just though this support forum?

    I have requested on here twice abbout moving subscribers from to and both haven't had any replies.

    How do I go about getting this done please

    there are lots of other threads where people have requested and staff have responded and done this

    Many Thanks


    The blog I need help with is

  2. I have paid for my domain but do I have to pay additional fees for every time I blog?
    Also my domain is not accessible to my friends when they type in my link or, or I only joined on Saturday 8th of november and am very new to this, and also a bit of a technophobe...please help!!!

  3. sorry I meant I only joined this Saturday 8th September!!!

  4. sanctifiedbrother

  5. sanctifiedbrother

    Hi myscavity,
    I'm sure I'm not one of your friends, however I see your site fine.

    Each blog post you make shouldn't cost you anything. It's free to blog. Adding additional services, like upgrades and premium themes, will cost, not blogging.

  6. 2starsandaswirl

    Thanks for the links - but they are saying the same thing again that a staff member has to move the subscribers and that is what am having an issue with. No staff are replying to my posts about it.

    So is this the only way to contact or can you email?

    Anyone know?

  7. This is a peer support forum. Here Volunteers and Staff work cooperatively to deliver support. On this forum Volunteers answer most questions. There are millions of bloggers and many in any given day request help. Staff monitor and when Volunteers cannot provide the required support we flag threads for Staff attention. That has been done. What's required is your patience.

  8. Thank you so much sanctifiedbrother :-)

  9. Happiness Engineer- I need your help too for moving subscribers....PLEASE!!

  10. sanctifiedbrother

    Hi myscavity,
    You're welcome. Just being neighborly!

  11. kvthadani4, I have transferred your email followers as requested.

    In the future, please do not post in three separate threads. Just start your own.

  12. Sorry but thank u SO much!

  13. You're welcome!

  14. Was just wondering- does it take a while before the stats change? The number of email subscribers hasn't reverted back yet.

    Thank you again!

  15. Yes, it'll take a bit. The stats are not totaled in real-time.

  16. I have no friends here sanctified brother do you know if we can be friends as i'd really like to see your domain and come to know you because of your kindness to a technophobe like me..your advice seemed to help :-). From billy no mates lol

  17. @myscavity
    This is a technical support forum. Please don't post anything other than technical support issues into these threads.

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