How to control a gallery page?

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    I just want to know all the posibilities to control a gallery in a page. That my question because I have near to 100 pictures and I want, for example, show group of 16 pictures for a good view without to use the scroll bar and also without to wait so long time to open all the pictures.

    It’s necesary to include the pictures in the gallery of the page I’m working with, or I can use some pictures that I have in the library of my blog?

    Thanks for your help.

    If you want to watch my actual gallery, you can do it follow this link:

    Arturo “Caballa”


    You can edit the images to make them thumbnails clickable to the full-size original.

    You can split the total into a sequence of numbered pages, using this code (in the HTML editor):

    And lots of other things.

    But at the moment you have posted your pictures as separate images, not as what is officially a WP “gallery”. For good information on this feature, which is very useful for handling many images together, see here:



    Thankyou panaghiotisadam, I will try to do it like you tell me. But i will continue to know how to manage a WP gallery, and all the attributes and commands asociated with.

    Arturo “Caballa”


    You’ll find several members willing to help you, but try to ask about one or two specific things at a time; can’t be “I want to know all possibilities” at once – we cannot write the complete all-inclusive manual here! And search the FAQs and the forum first: you’ll find answers for almost everything.

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