How to control image position in Tarski

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    I want to have a row of 3 thumnails and below that another three,
    and so on. They will link to other pages in my site so I can’t place one
    big image of small thumbnails.

    But I figure out how to get a chunk of text that appears after these thumbnails
    to stay below. It keeps creeping up and actually in between some of these thumbnails
    even though in Visual view in Dashboard, that text is actually AFTER the images.

    Is there away to create a grid of small images with captions that link elsewhere, in a better
    way than I’m doing it?


    The blog I need help with is



    its not only thumbnails but only to bring three images in line it drives me gracy, they wont stay there where I want them, and when I open for controll they are in total other places, image including in text is a mess!



    I’m not sure I understood what you said. I take it you were having the same problem?

    I worked around it by creating a table in Dreamweaver and then pasted it into WordPress. And then placed my images inside the table.



    This is the entry for image alignment found in support documentation.

    Right and left alignment of images have text wrap. In order to line up next to each other instead of stringing them down the page insert the first image left-aligned and then set your image alignment to either “none” for the others. Upload the other images and click the image then click the Mountain icon and set to “none”. Don’t forget to click “update”

    And yes creating and using HTML tables can be an easy way to align images.


    Now that I’ve figured out the image alignment, how do I go back and change it on previous posts? I’ve figured out how to edit text, but not image alignment.



    You simply edit the posts in question. To edit your posts, go to Posts -> Posts in your dashboard menu. Then in the Visual editor you click the images and then click alignment icon you want (left, right, center, side by side)
    See here please >

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