How to control subscriptions?

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    I’m new here. I’ve asked support for help already, but it got put somewhere and no one has answered.

    I’m getting way too many emails. And after commenting on a topic, I started getting even more than that. I just discovered a place to cancel some subscriptions, but it doesn’t appear to be all. And I do want to get email when someone replies to my post, but not for everybody’s posts.

    Thanks for your help



    Well, I don’t know where this post will go. It’s a mystery to me. I’m trying to add to my previous post for help.

    I’d check the “Notify me” button but I’m afraid of what will happen. Please help



    We can click this link to manage all comments subscriptions:

    This is the comment subscription
    page for yourname[at] You have x comment subscriptions and y site subscriptions.

    Click on “x comment subscriptions” to manage comment subscriptions.

    Also note that you can simply click the “unsubscribe” link on the bottom of the email you receive.


    Have you gone to this page?

    Dashboard>Blogs I follow and you will see this at the top…

    Sites (–) | Comments (–) |Settings

    Click on Comments and you can delete any you find there.

    Double check one more location… Go to the Reader and make sure you are on Blogs I Follow, click Edit list. Make sure Get comments by email is unchecked for each blog.

    Also when you comment on anyone’s blog, make sure the little box has no check mark in it to notify you of new comments.


    Oops, I took so long to reply. :) My way was a little more roundabout than timethief’s.

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