How to copy an existing Structure site architecture

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    I want to use the Structure theme, after being very attracted by the design of one of the websites used to illustrate this theme, Dainka Design,

    However, I have been unable to replicate some of of the features of this design. I looked at the source code, but still couldn’t figure things out.

    If I want to use exactly the same widgets, menus, etc. on this Dainka Design page, is there any way to just copy those elements onto my own Structure page, and then add all of my own images, headings, and copy?

    Thanks for the help.

    The blog I need help with is


    There’s nothing to copy: you just go to Appearance>Widgets and add the widgets you want.

    Note that the three-column layout only shows up on the main posts page (by default, the front page, or in your case the “Blog” page if you set it as your posts page in Settings>Reading).

    More on the workings of Structure here:


    panaghiotisadam, thanks for the quick reply! As I mentioned earlier, I am trying to emulate the design features of this site:

    As best as I can tell, in this design, there are three elements at the top of the page which are static: the long phrase “Interior Design: Creative Soul Long,” (with a solid black line separating this text from the two-column area of the page) the photo, and the text in the right hand column (with another solid black line separating these two elements from the bottom half of the page, with its 3-column format.

    What’s not clear to me is what widgets this designer used in order to produce this configuration on the home page, with its static upper half and dynamic lower half.

    I have read through the link you sent, which is helpful on many other points about using this theme. But if you can spare any further advice on which widgets product this static/dynamic front page, I would appreciate it. Thanks.


    What you’re seeing in the example you linked to is the standard look of the theme, provided you’ve set your front to display your latest posts instead of a static page (Settings>Reading). The phrase “Interior Design: Creative Soul Long” is the title of the latest post from the featured category (click on it to see), the photo is the featured image that has been set to that post, and the text next to it is a text widget added to the “Homepage Top Right” area in Appearance>Widgets. All explained in my post.

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