How to create a backup (including all images)?

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    Is there a way to download a complete backup of my blog which is hosted at A read about the export feature in the control panel, does this feature also backup images?

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    The blog I need help with is



    Don’t know. I would say the safest way to do it would be another duplicate blog on another site, or at least a backup of photos on another photo site.
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    export does NOT save images…. only their locations presently as links.

    I keep a back up a images that I use for blogs in a folder on my computer.
    IMHO, downloading an export is otherwise a really good way to back up your blog from time to time.



    Images are attached to posts and when you use the exporter there is a checkbox you can use so they are included in the export file. Therefore, if you want to export your blog content out using the export function of wordpress and then import that file using the import function of wordpress be sure to check “Download and Import attached files”.



    I should have said: “Images are attached to posts and pages …”



    May I ask a related question, or advice on what forum might be suited for the answer?

    I had a few WP blogs set up through a school’s server. (I don’t recall if it was Apache or otherwise, in case that helps.) My sites lived in folders- and I believe they were complete with the data base file (I forget what it’s called) that keeps the posts, post area code stuff, etc. I bought GoDaddy for a month, but struggled with the separation of the files and therefore transferring properly. I also didnt care for the interface; I like something a bit more Mac style GUI and less PC file -tree. I am looking for a new host- I wasn’t successful in the set up. Yes, I got that 303 error message (or the statement written on the shirt of the news videog in Mega Mind. :)

    Q. Does WP hosting separate files? if I upgrade, will I have FTP and a view of my file on the server? How is WP hosting usability? Should WP not have this, can you suggest a way to search (terms, key words) out this features in other hosts? Oh, and my sites the DB files say “local host,” so it would be a simpler move if i found a hots service uses that rather than a series (DNS?) address’, right?

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    As a clarification, the “include images” is there during an import process, not an export process. If you were importing an export file into another blog, then you are given the choice of having the importer retrieve all the images.

    The only way to backup the images here on wordpress.COM, is to go into the media library, view each image and then save it, or drag and drop it from the browser window into a folder on your computer.

    I do what @dlager does and keep all the images I have uploaded in a folder on my hard drive.


    @cbdigital, at wordpress.COM, we do not have FTP access. Everything is done through the dashboard.

    WordPress.COM is a multi-user platform, which means we all share the same underlying theme and wordpress files, which means we cannot have access to those files. If someone were to inadvertently, or on purpose, delete some files, all the blogs here would go down.

    Virtually all web hosts out their use cPanel for administering your site installation. A few have their own home-grown control panel (which I find to be completely inferior to cPanel). There are none that I know of that have anything approaching a “mac-like” interface. There simply isn’t anything like that out there.

    If you are going to self-host an installation on a third-party hosting service, then you will need to get used to using cPanel. It isn’t that bad once you get used to it and it actually has a plethora of very useful things like full backups (backup wizard) which backs up not only your site-related files, but also your database and puts them into a nice compact gzip file so you can easily download them.

    Really though, on self-hosted installations, you need to be over at the wordpress.ORG forums, not here. That is where the self-hosted wordpress software is supported.




    @thesacredpath, Thanks :)


    You are welcome.

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