How to create a continuous music player for footer/header on Front Page/Sidebar?

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    Am i correct in that there is no way to add a continuous media player (which i can embed soundcloud urls) to either the front page or the sidebar?

    From researching and going to forums, my understanding was that wordpress creates new html pages for each new page. This would be possible if I had one page but any more than that, would result in a having to start the player over.

    PS. i attempted putting the SCM player in the body, but it didn’t work. here is the code: ( <!– SCM Music Player –>
    <script type=”text/javascript” src=””
    data-config=”{‘skin’:’’,’volume’:76,’autoplay’:true,’shuffle’:true,’repeat’:1,’placement’:’top’,’showplaylist’:true,’playlist’:[{‘title’:’GKXRS 002′,’url’:’’}]}” ></script>
    <!– SCM Music Player script end –> )

    The blog I need help with is


    The code you reference is javascript, which is not allowed here for security reasons, however this support page explains how to use a SoundCloud Media Player in posts, pages and in widgets in a side or footer widget area.

    As far as having a site-wide automatic media player, this is not possible at One thing I will offer is that a lot of people cruise the web while at work, and a sure-fire way to let your boss and colleagues know you are surfing the web instead of working is to hear a song playing from your office or cubicle. Just something to consider.


    thanks for the follow up and confirmation. There weren’t instructions for adding the soundcloud player widget to the footer or sidebar though.

    I do know how to add to post or add soudncloud player/playist.


    To add the SoundCloud player to a sidebar or footer widget area, you insert a text widget into the widget area and then follow the embed instructions on the SoundCloud support page.

    To insert the player into a page or post, you insert the SoundCloud code where you want it within the page or post content in the page or post editor.


    cool, thank for the info #thesacredpath

    bless up from brooklyn


    You are welcome.


    is something wrong with the code below? followed the instructions and it didn’t show.

    [soundcloud url="" params="color=ff9900&auto_play=true&hide_related=false&show_comments=true&show_user=true&show_reposts=false" width="100%" height="450" iframe="true" /]


    Hi, I just tried your code and it worked for me on my test site. Are you trying to put it into a post/page?

    Once in a while, I’ve had this happen, and what I’ve done when trying to insert a player or video into a page or post would be to switch to the Text tab in the editor and paste the code in there and then switch back to the Visual editor and then Preview and the player or video will be there.


    Yup, that worked #thesacredpath.

    can you check that Facebook social icon in the side bar.
    the correct fb link is there but its not linking through despite changing it and testing other fb page urls


    Hi, this is the link on that FB icon
    It looks like it somehow got added twice. I think this is what you actually want.


    thats odd #thesacredpath…

    i’m in the social icon edit box and here is whats copied and pasted:

    (if i could provide a pic i would, doesn’t look like this forum allows pic as attachments)

    I’ll delete and re-insert (did that about 6 times yest). Currently in the appearance/custom link/menu structure and searching for where within the blog
    so that I could change it.


    still not working, maybe its a bug or something? @facebook glitch, unless there is another area pointing to that same Icon and adding it.

    outside of that, i’ll continue testing as I want to get the real video/photo content up this weekend.


    Ok it’s fixed now… I just removed the fb icon and added a new one and its working correctly. Odd that I wasn’t able to see the duplicated url.

    thanks again for the assistance over the last few days.

    blessings from Brooklyn


    @gibrilkuyateh, you are welcome, and thank you.

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