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How to create a favicon that will seen by everyone visiting the site?

  1. I went to a help page and it explained it in a way I couldn't understand and some of the things it told me to go to I couldn't find.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. On your Dashboard, go to Settings->General. ON that page, you can upload an image to be your favicon, also known as a blavatar. It takes a few hours to show up sometimes, so once it's uploaded, just wait and see. If it doesn't show by next morning, try again.

  3. I see "Blog Picture / Icon"....Is that what you're talking about?....I don't see blavatar anywhere.

  4. I see "Blog Picture / Icon"...


  5. I changed it and I see that the favicon is different on Internet Explorer, but not on Google Chrome, where I changed it and that was hours ago. It's different on other computer on Chrome, but not on mine.....Why?

  6. It will take around 48 hours to change across the Internet. It might de ok for you; but different for your friends computer.

  7. lol. Actually it's working on other computers, but not mine. ;-)

    If you don't mind, will you tell me if you see a tilted gray film strip?

  8. It can take some browsers a while - 2 or 3 days to wake up to a new image in some cases

  9. Nope, no Grey strip

  10. It appears that way, auxclass.....Thanks.

  11. "Nope, no Grey strip"

    Darn....I just checked on IE and it has one on there, but not on my Chrome.

  12. It could just be the browser. IE likes to be different from the other browsers and displays things differently.

  13. Well Chrome showed it on a laptop.

  14. Oh, we'll if it bugs you, change the icon

  15. I just hope it changes to where I can see it on mine and, well, on all.

  16. Things will change - sooner or later - some browsers it will be later - the first time I added a favicon and it did not change for a few days I was concerned and eventually it did change - patience Grasshopper

  17. "patience Grasshopper"

    Yes, Master........Thank you. ;-)

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