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How to create a grid of images with captioned url links -using left image align?

  1. I'm trying to create a recipe index page with a grid of images that have captions and links to other pages. I've tried multiple options. The gallery feature doesn't display images correctly. They are square and pixelated. The font usually changes too. I tried inserting images with captioned links and aligned them left. When there are more images than fit in a line they break into weird formatting, with random images on lines. Is there a way to fix the alignment or an easier way to make image grid that looks like my site now (even with a plugin).

    Sample at

    The blog I need help with is

  2. (even with a plugin) users cannot install external plugins, so that is not an option. FWIW The site you've linked to as an example isn't hosted on

    The gallery feature doesn't display images correctly.

    Regardless, the Gallery feature won't link to other pages on your website. Currently it can only link to the Image Carousel, Attachment Pages, Media Files or none. Here is a workaround I have using the Gallery feature:

    They are square and pixelated.

    I'm not sure why your images would be pixelated if you are uploading them at dimensions that aren't being overly resized in order to be displayed. Do you have an example of one of these images so we can take a look?

    Depending on the width of the theme's posting column you are using, you could insert thumbnail images one next to the other using "None" for the alignment. You'll have to experiment a bit to see how many images you can get in a row.

    Otherwise, using a table or one of the grid based themes, such as those suggested for photography, may be helpful.

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