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How to create a links widget

  1. I'd like to show some older posts in the sidebar in a links widget. I found the widget but it seems to be for blogroll and web links. How do I get it to show a few older posts?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. You can use the links Widget to display your own posts. When adding links, add the links to those posts instead of to other websites.

  3. Ok, I add the links to my older posts but the widget seems to be for blogroll and web links, how do I get it to just show the links to my older posts?

  4. Simple: Don't use the Links widget. That is for a blogroll.

    Create a text widget, title it whatever you want, and include whatever links you want. You COULD use a Links widget for this, but the Links widget is intended for, yes, external links. A blogroll.

  5. I see... it's a text widget I need. Okay I've looked at that, there's a title box and a space below. So I give it a title like "Popular Posts' or something and then what goes in the box below? Copy and paste the links to the posts? Or do I key in the titles of the posts and paste the link into each title?

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