How to create a menu item to close the current window

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    Hi, very new to the blogosphere and working on a Members’ site for a volunteer group. Made rapid progress in the last few weeks thanks to to WP but have hit a small problem that I can’t find reference to in the forum. I spawn a sub-blog from the main one to provide a “help” facility and I want to add a menu bar item to it to close the window without the user having to use the browser close button. If I embed a bit of code (e.g. Javascript) in a “Close” page would that do the trick or is there a neater way of doing it.

    Many thanks Stefan

    The blog I need help with is


    I think you’re probably on the wrong forum. You can’t use Javascript here on blogs only on ones. Try this:

    Most of the people who answer questions here are volunteers and we are not familiar with the workings of blogs only ones.

    If you have a blog – please give the URL of your blog and maybe someone else will be able to help you, but either way, you can’t use Javascript here.


    Hi, thanks for the quick reply. I thought it was a rather forlorn hope, but no big deal – it would just have added a bit of icing on the cake. Unfortunately the group who will be using it are pretty much IT naive so self-hosting and self-administration are definite non-starters. Apart from this and an issue with cascading permissions down to “sub-blogs”, is the perfect solution. That’s another post however.

    my regards Stefan

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