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How to create a multi-author blog

  1. I would like to allow guest bloggers to submit posts for my review. If I invite a user to be an author, will they be able to submit their post without my review? Is there a special plug-in I need? The example of how I want to create it is like She allows you to register to her website, submit an article, but ultimately she has the power to publish and edit.
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  2. There is no FTP access to free hosted blogs and we cannot install any plugins. If you’d like to invite others to publish posts or help approve comments on your blog, you can invite them to be a Contributor, Editor, or Author on your blog.
    see also:
    For more details see >

  3. Hey Timethief! Thanks for incredibly fast response, I am still new I am trying to figure out all this stuff and I'm not very computer savvy at all. You said that a free hosted blog wouldn't allow for what I want to do, do you have any suggestions of what paid themes or upgrades I can get to allow for this?

  4. I said that a free hosted blog could not have plugins. Plugins aren't required to create a mutiauthor blog. There are no upgrades involved. Please just go to the article I linked to and read it. Click all the links in it and then you will be ready to send your invitations out.

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