How to create a multi-language wordpress website?

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    I have created a website like blog at that is composed of three main pages. Now I would like to translate (by myself) the text of the three pages also in Italian, German, Spanish and Swedish (and perhaps more languages in the future) so that these pages could be available to non-English speakers.
    In a pro-made site, I would be able to switch between languages with links at the top of the website. I understand this is a free service and I’ll have to go for a more home-made solution.
    I thought first of making sub-buttons for each page to choose the language but it looks ugly and kills the user experience. I even thought of simply making many different blogs linking to one another through a sidebar which lists all languages. But before venturing into these creative (thought time consuming) options, I thought of asking the forums so that in case someone else has gone through this before I could get some tip.

    Thank you very much for your help!




    Well, many people have asked but as far as I’m aware no-one has come up with better solutions. My hunch is that the last option would be the best, because of alphabet and widget issues (titles are coded and you can’t fiddle with them, etc).


    That last idea is how I manage a couple of blogs in two languages (four and five would take me forever, I admit). I use the same design and layout – check them:, or, for instance.



    Thank you so much for your answers.
    @jimenaprospero: I like the way you managed it but you’re right, it would be a mess for more than just two languages. It wouldn’t be too bad if I could list the languages on a right hand side bar without “polluting” the buttons above and create confusion..

    I have bought a domain for so perhaps I could build just a page there with the different languages linking to the different blogs on wordpress, and put a link in all these blogs saying something like “change language” that links back to that first page where you choose it…

    If anyone has more ideas they are superwelcome!

    Thank u :)



    That sounds like a good idea: just set a static page for the front of the blog (under Settings->Reading) and list them all there.

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