How to create a sidebar link to a contact form

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    I want to add a link in a blog’s sidebar (theme: Parament) which will bring up a contact form.
    I don’t want to use the menu bar and I don’t want to use a text widget since this looks a right kludge. I can do it OK using a link to a sub-blog but then I hit the problem of duplicating the user base onto the sub-blog (up to 300 users).
    Is there any way of creating a sidebar link that will display a page (or post) which contains the contact form?
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    Your best bet for adding a link to a page with a sidebar would be to use the Text Widget:

    As an added suggestion, you may want to add a contact icon/image and then link an Image Widget to your contact form page:

    You can also embed a contact form directly into your sidebar by using the short code:


    Hi Evarlese. You nudged me in the right direction and the penny eventually dropped about the text widget. What I had done before was to past the form html directly into it and of course it just displayed the form in the sidebar – hence the kludgy look. I hadn’t quite appreciated that I could access a page directly via a link to its url however. Created a new link to a page containg the form, this appears with the others in the links widget which is just where I need it and hey-presto, when its clicked, up comes the page displaying the form just as I want it. {:^))

    Many thanks. You folks at WP really are the bee’s knees.



    Awesome, I’m glad to hear that helped! :)

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